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Collars for FAST XFI BS3 Racepak HOLLEY EFI KIT

18 lug reluctors and sensors



  Drive Shaft Speed Kit

8 Magnet

WEB Price

Works with any kind of EFI or data logger.

Complete Speed Kits include Stainless body Sensor, L bracket, and a split collar.

1.812" available below            
        Click here for sizing info

Direct bolt on for Ford 9 " with aftermarket (not stock) yokes.

Includes setup instructions for DL-32 & AuxBox

  1.812 speed kit

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  Drive Shaft Speed Kit

4 magnet

WEB Price

Complete Speed Kits include Stainless body Sensor, L bracket, 4 magnets and a split collar.

  Works with any EFI/ECU

Direct bolt on for Ford 9 " with aftermarket (not stock) yokes.

2 1/8" is the only size available


  Speed Sensor

WEB Price

Works with any data or EFI system

5/16-24 SS threaded body. Required for Jerico, Lenco, Strange Ultra case, etc for clutch RPM. Also works well on motorcycle and other tight clearance applications. Requires magnets oriented SOUTH. It has an imbedded pull-up resistor.

Requires magnets on rotating component

   S-363 in a Strange Ultra case - click to expand

  Speed Sensor

WEB Price

2 wire reed switch - plastic body 5/16 fine thread . This is the speed/shaft sensor supplied in Racepak V300 and earlier (not V300SD or Sportsman), Edelbrock Qwikdata and others (without their connector) Requires magnets on rotating component.

Racepak part number 800-SS-PRO-5

Edelbrock part number 91116


If you need a 3/8" 2 wire sensor get a MSD 8159


  Speed Sensor  Magnets

WEB Price

Two 1/4" x 1/4" magnets with South Pole identified for use with S-365 Sensor


  L bracket

WEB Price

Universal L bracket to mount speed sensor

7/16" hole on short side 5/16" x 3/4" slot on long side




Split Collars

S-37x   Split Collar  - 4 Magnets

WEB Price

  When ordering choose from the following sizes:

            Click here for sizing info   
    2.125"    Popular Strange Engineering size

Yes you can remove any number of magnets. And yes, it's common on 12 bolts, Dana's and 9" Fords with stock yokes to open up the hole to some unusual size/shape.  It's not a crankshaft - if you keep it within .050 of straight/round, your sensor will see the magnet.

Magnets are oriented South side out (required to work on Racepak, MSI and most other hall effect sensors)

Includes 4 magnets and stainless hardware.

L bracket available above


S-37x8   Split Collar  - 8 Magnets

WEB Price

Click Here for 8 magnet collars

Cick here for 16 lug collars


Shaft Collar details and sizing






Measure the size of your pinion yoke

<<<< here to determine grip diameter