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Racepak Shaft / Speed sensors and Accessories

Front wheel - other shaft/RPM Lencodrive Turbo Speed all speed sensors Stick Shift /Clutch Info

Repair kits for DS sensor harness 12 Bolt / Dana sensor mount

8 magnet split collars with 4x resolution over 2 magnet.

8 Mag collars ONLY work on V300SD, Sportsman, G2X/Pro and IQ3 Logger Dash. No V300's or LDX units.

Available in 1.812, 1.875, 2.125 and 2.187 only.

Drive shaft speed is one of the most valuable data items in any data log. In Drag Racing, the DS speed will tell you about tire slip and converter efficiency.

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MSI 8 Magnet Collars


  Split Collar  - 8 Magnets


WEB Price


Racepak 8 Magnet Collars


RacePak 2.187 8 mag collar



RacePak 2.125  8 mag DS collar



RacePak 1.875 8 magnet DS collar



RacePak 1.812  8 mag DS collar



How to measure for a Racepak Drive SHaft Collar


16 lug collars - reluctors

  Billet 16 lug High Def Driveshaft collar/reluctor

Get good wheel speed readings from the hit.

Requres 800-SS-MSC3 DS sensor available HERE which is 3/8 threads

5 sizes: 1.812 1.875 2.125 2.187 2.500

Billet steel .475 thick.

2.500 model works with Strange yokes for 8.8, 12 Bolt, Dana

Mase in USA by Motion Raceworks


L bracket available above $11    

S-37x8   Split Collar  - 16 lug

WEB Price

  5/16" metal sensing Hall Effect sensor for 16 lug collars and other metal sensing applications RP connector. 5-19 volt power.

S-364R   metal - 5/16

WEB Price

2 Magnet Collars


RacePak 2 magnet DS split collar

You must specify size.

In Stock sizes: 1.5, 1.812, 1.875, 2.125, 2.187

Special order sizes 27mm, 1.375, 1.625, 2.400, - allow 2 weeks for delivery,



RacePak 2 magnet DS split collar

You must specify size.

,Special order sizes 2.500, 3.00, 3.187 3.250 3.50


Click here for 18 lug

Click Here for MSI 4 magnet collars

Shaft Sensors


3 wire shaft sensor for V300SD and Sportsman and MSD Grid. Hall Effect Speed sensor - for rotating MAGNETS

MSI improved sensor with Stainless Steel body and nuts (Racepak MSC5 uses plastic nuts & aluminum body). Replaces 800-SS-MSC5.

Threaded area 1.5" vs Rp 2.0"



3 wire shaft sensor for V300SD and Sportsman and MSD Grid. Hall Effect Speed sensor - for rotating MAGNETS



2 wire Reed switch shaft sensor for V300



3 wire metal sensing 3/8"-24 fine thread



3 wire clutch sensor


2 wire sensor for Logger Dash & Replay


S-364RP Hall effect sensor for STEEL tooth collars with 5/16 threads $158

ARC 7761 DS spitter cable


Split DS signal for ARC module


FAQ: what do I need for the MSD ARC module 7761? 3 things, the MSC5 sensor above, the L-bracket below and one of the 8 magnet collars above. Also, in the case of the Sportsman or IQ3Drag dash you must limit the number of data items sent from the Grid to not exceed the open channels in your recorder.

9" Ford L-bracket


To mount the sensor on 9" Ford pinopn support


Other "pulse" sensors - front wheel etc.


Front wheel or other rotating shaft with moving magnets (requires 800-SS-MSC5 sensor) 15' sensor wire.



Front wheel or other rotating shaft with moving STEEL target (like back of wheel studs) - (requires 800-SS-MSC3 sensor) 15' sensor wire



Generic rotating shaft with moving magnets (requires 800-SS-MSC5 sensor)



Engine RPM module - will pick up tach siganl RPM


RPM Sensors


Strange Ultra Case Info



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Most racers who call have 1.812 or 2.125 collar sizes.

12 Bolt - Dana Sensor Mount

This is a sample for you to make your own - I do not have these to sell.

Stick info - Candle Stick Install - Graph - V300SD clutch option


220-VP-CL-1 Input shaft kit


    1 lbs

1/4" magnet to epoxy or mount on a rotating shaft


1/4" magnet


Clutch Sensor in Jericho

Thanks to Jim Schaechter - Stock/SS racer from IL for these pictures and description.

The oil fill on the sie of the case was drilled larger and tapped for approx 1". Then a 1" stud was center drilled & tapped for the Racepak 3/8 sensor. Also the 1" stud was countersunk on the outside end to allow clearance for the moldend rubber where the wire goes into the sensor. A 3/8" jam nut on the inside for the sensor and a 1" jam nut on the outside complete installation.

The collar is custom made with 2 magnets.

Thanks to Dave Casey and Mike Sparago, New England Stock/SS raceers for these pictures and details.

This is the collar. Note the .030 magnet retention shoulder - just like a on a DS collar.


This is a slightly different location for the sensor and uses a Racepak drive shaft sensor rather that the clutch sensor. The case is drilled & tapped directly for 5/16 threads used on the RP DS sensor.


Gforce with Cummins sensor

Cummins 3034572 2 wire sensor in Gforce trans


Candle Stick Install

Clutch Slip Graph

V300 / V300SD clucth option details

  • Sensor (to be installed in the candlestick), magnet (to be installed in input shaft)
  • his sensor is to be plugged into the green/yello wire of the V300 harness
  • math channels are enabled
    1. % of slip
    2. engine to input shaft ratio
    3. trans to shaft ratio

Input shaft setup instructions for clutch cars   - click to enlarge

Lenco Drive Info

Racers using the Lencodrive automatic transmission have an added advantage of being able to monitor
the ‘slip ratio’ of their converter. Just as we do on clutch-equipped cars, where we monitor the input side
of the clutch (engine RPM) and compare it to the output side (transmission input shaft) to determine
clutch slip without having to calculate transmission gear ratios, we can now do the same on automatic
transmission cars that are using the Lencodrive transmission. The problem with trying to do this on
automatic transmissions before now was access to the output side of the converter.
All Lencodrive cases manufactured since early 2005 now have the provision for installing an RPM
sensor in the case. The 3/8-24 hole is located midway in the case at approximately the 3 o’clock position
(when viewed from the rear). The hole will by plugged with an Allen pipe plug. However, not all
Lencodrives have the magnet installed in the ring gear on the drum. To monitor your converter slip ratio
it will be necessary for you to have Lenco install the rare earth magnet that triggers the sensor. The cost
is less than $50.00. You can contact Lenco at 619-287-2500.
The upgrade to monitor converter slip with Racepak V-series data recorders is $260.00.


14" sensor wire - 10' on V-net





replacement sensor only

this is a 5 volt powered sensor with electronics to convert to two wires.