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MSD Ignition

Competative Prices and Tech Support from a racer using the Grid

Just like Summit Pro Shop or JEGS racer program, NHRA/IHRA licensed drivers are eligible for my racer program which match their prices .

ARC / 7761 Traction control kits

Grid Controler

The controller is exactly that - it has the burn-out, and max limiters, nitrous and start retards and more. Combine with a 7720 for best results.


Put in comments if you want the Black 77303

You can connect this controler to 7AL and digital boxes, but I recommend selling them and getting the 7720.

Requires 7720 below to make spark.

Can Pigtail 12" - all the other pigtails are 6" loose wires 36"

Black (77303) in stock as well. Specify in note if Black desired.

7730 - 77303

Grid Controller


Grid ignition. This is the actual spark generator (trigers the coil with 300-400 volts) - requires the Grid controller above. Bolts to car with controler stacked right on top.




Grid ignition



BBC Crank Trigger kit




BBC crank trigger kit


HVC2 coil

Black (86213) in stock as well. Specify in note if Black desired.




HVC2 coil


BBC/SBC Crank trigger distributor




CT distributor


CT pickup. This is the current model called non-magnetic expecting magnets on the wheel




CT pickup


Noise filter










ARC Module

CAN hub needed listed below 7740

Also, you need a Racepak DS sensor 800-SS-MSC5 & collar. Sensor listed below and Here for Racepak 8 magnet DS collars.


If you are tieying into a Racepak V300SD data logger, splitter shown below is recommended.

The 4 ARC pigtails are 18" - DS extension 8'





Can Hub







ARC Traction Control Kits

ARC Module

Al the parts needed to add Traction Control to a MSD Grid system. Includes:

  • 7761
  • 77403 hub
  • Drive shaft sensor
  • 8 magnet collar - Specify size in order notes
  • 9" Ford L-bracket

If you have a Racepak system you may be able to delete some pieces. 800-CA-3PY is recommended when sharing DS signal with Racepak





ARC TC kit with hi-def 16 lug collar




Shaft Sensors


3 wire shaft sensor for V300SD and Sportsman and MSD Grid. Hall Effect Speed sensor


ARC 7761 DS spitter cable


Split DS signal for ARC module


Click Here for Racepak 8 magnet DS collars.