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Racepak Cables

V-Net Main Harness Other

V-Net Cable length

 6" 280-CA-VM-006
12" 280-CA-VM-012
 18" 280-CA-VM-018
24" 280-CA-VM-024


48" 280-CA-VM-048
60" 280-CA-VM-060
72" 280-CA-VM-072
84" 280-CA-VM-084
96" 280-CA-VM-096
108" 280-CA-VM-108
120" 280-CA-VM-120
144" 280-CA-VM-144
168" 280-CA-VM-168
192" 280-CA-VM-192
216" 280-CA-VM-216
Commonly used to attach the MSD Power Grid to a V300sd T-cables  
9" 280-CA-VM-T009
18" 280-CA-VM-T018
36" 280-CA-VM-T036
bulkhead connector 280-CA-VM-BHEAD

Haltech V-net splitter $54

Haltech T

Haltech T

This cable is not included and is only required when adding Racepak V-NET sensor modules to the Haltech-specific-IQ3.  To add a V-NET module plug the red end of the cable in to the V-NET port on the back of the IQ3.  On the tee side of the connector, plug the Haltech interface cable in to the red side and plug the V-NET module in to the blue side.  V-NET termination cap P/N: 280-CA-VM-TCAPF is also required to cap of the open end of the VNET module.

<<<< example to the left


Haltech can T


Other Cables

Haltech T


This kit is used to repair the end on the Drive Shaft cable and several others. The gray shielded cable is also available by the foot.


3 terminal Molex repair kit


   Typical Vnet Layout


- Vnet system  benefits:
1. a single cable runs from the recorder to your first sensor in the engine bay - so less clutter - especially in a dragster, and it's easy to add a sensor simply by popping the terminator and adding another Vnet module, and have the software identify the new sensor. Adding sensors with other brands of loggers involves entering all the calibrations by hand.
2. The programming or identification of each sensor is in the Vnet module. So if you take the car apart over the winter you can snap the vnet modules together in any order and go.
3. If you buy a new laptop (or yours dies at the track and you can borrow one) you plug into the car and
read the configuration. It takes 5 minutes tops and you are back in business.