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MSD Ignition


Holley Days December 10% discount. November 15 - December 31.

I will begin to update prices of items so they reflect in the shopping cart. If I don't get to your item be assured that I will apply the discount at the time of credit card processing and for PayPal I wil do a refund. If you see the green pricce with a strike-thru followed by a hot-pink price, then that item has the 10% update. like so: $855 $769


Competative Prices and Tech Support from a racer using the Grid

Just like Summit Pro Shop or JEGS racer program, NHRA/IHRA licensed drivers are eligible for my racer program which match their prices .


Grid Controler

The controller is exactly that - it has the burn-out, and max limiters, nitrous and start retards and more. Combine with a 7720 for best results.

You can connect this controler to 7AL and digital boxes, but I recommend selling them on Ebay and getting the 7720.

Requires 7720 below to make spark.

Can Pigtail 12" - all the other pigtails are 6" loose wires 36"

Black (77303) in stock as well. Specify in note if Black desired.


Grid Controller

$445 $401

Grid ignition. This is the actual spark generator (trigers the coil with 300-400 volts) - requires the Grid controller above. Bolts to car with controler stacked right on top.




Grid ignition

$495 $446


BBC Crank Trigger kit




BBC crank trigger kit


HVC2 coil

Black (86213) in stock as well. Specify in note if Black desired.




HVC2 coil


BBC/SBC Crank trigger distributor




CT distributor


CT pickup. This is the current model called non-magnetic expecting magnets on the wheel




CT pickup


ARC Module

CAN hub needed listed below 7740

Also, you need a Racepak DS sensor 800-SS-MSC5 & collar. Sensor listed below and Here for Racepak 8 magnet DS collars.


If you are tieying into a Racepak V300SD data logger, splitter shown below is recommended.

The 4 ARC pigtails are 18" - DS extension 8'





Can Hub







Shaft Sensors


3 wire shaft sensor for V300SD and Sportsman and MSD Grid. Hall Effect Speed sensor


ARC 7761 DS spitter cable


Split DS signal for ARC module


Click Here for Racepak 8 magnet DS collars.