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Interesting Log files


"overdirve" DS RPM exceeding engine RPM. Converter slip -
Tire shake in rear engine dragster - lost .02 in 60' .04 in 330 4.35 / 6.80 dragster
Spraying 300HP dry about 1 second before finish line.
Shock sensors & wing: Shows right side compressing 1/4" while left extends 1/4" at launch. At 2 seconds into the run the wing is creating enough down force to start compressing both sides. At the finish line (206MPH) compression is 1 1/4" (probably bottoming shocks)

Right front wheel sensor on my dragster showing double wheelstand and .5 before settling down.

Oil perssure drop from 80 to 35 5 seconds into the run
all 8 EGT's dropping 100 degrees
showing high intake air temps - 297* peak! October 2010 run.
RP overlay of two runs. The car was .08 slower in second qualifying run. Logs show first 2.5 seconds almost identical (a little more spin on slow run accounting for .01-.02). Then at 2.48 seconds boost actually drops 1 lb when it should have been building. Then a 2-3 lb difference the rest of the run.  After seeing the boost issue from the overlay, went over blower clamps, hoses etc and discovered a AN-10 plug we use for priming the motor was missing. Put a new plug in and the car went right back to 6.68 @ 205.
RP log showing .2 or so delay from the time the MSD triggered the air shifter with 12 volts to the time RPM's started going down.
RP log showing 12 volt event wire on trans brake
RP log showing Greg's procharger car taking .7 after the leave to ramp up to 6000 converter stall which requires about 12 lbs of boost.
FAST log from JR Baxter showing typical flat acceleration line off starting line. Note that JR says car will static stall @ 6600 and you can see that it drops to 6150 after the shift.
Shows shift signal holding ON for complete run. Drops voltage 2 volts. Changed shift trigger and fixed inconsistency.
Mark's 4 link dragster shock travel about 1/2" extension and not much else ex
Hard tail dragster skipping the tires (Paul's car @ cecil county right lane)
10-10-04 Fuel pressure dropping from 60 PSI to mid 40's when Nitrous activated when using Enderle 0 fuel pump.
5-17-2003 Greg's car - still using Rupert Carb - shows Vacuum pump @ 7.8 during run and 13 after I lift. (Moroso 3-vane with MSI relief valve) -  not yet using the the 66% pulley


Temp in F*
Idle in the water 497
Peak during 2.4 second rolling burn out with 6600 3-step chip 789
Staged at 1300 RPM idle 528
On 2-step at 4000 RPM 602
1 Second into run 768
3 Seconds into run 893
5 Seconds into run (about 1/8 mile) 991
7.90 Seconds into run (peak) 1047
6/2/02   Shows shifter caused voltage down-spike when it tried to shift again @ 7000. Thanks to Chuck Anderika  of East Coast Auto Electric (parked next to us at the Cecil 5k)  Mark's car