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All racers know that monitoring Liquid temps is important. These items provide approaches with a lot of flexibility and low cost.

Oil pan / Tranny pan adapter

WEB Price

      1 lbs

Adapts the 1/2" fine thread drain plug in most oil pans and the GM power glide pan to 1/8" pipe. So you can get the liquid temps without welding a bung. Also you can switch between engine and trans!

Complete with copper sealing washer.

Liquid probe Kit (assembled)

WEB Price

      2 lbs
Works with any EGT unit!! This probe may by inserted in cooling or lubrication system (engine, trans, rear) via a 1/8" pipe fitting to monitor any liquid. Monitoring ATF fluid temp could be one of the most important things your do to improve consistency. Comes with probe, 8' extension wire, K jack and K plug. In addition to trans and engine lubrication, it can help identify cooling system hot spots by monitoring different locations until the spot is located. 
Liquid probe

WEB Price

       Weight      1 lb

Liquid probe 3" probe length brass fittings, K type. Works with any EGT or data acquisition system.